WIKI #1 – KAKAO Afterthought



(13) Kakao Gift

After the interview, I was given a bag full of Kakao gifts.





(14) Kakao Experience

Everything – including the paper bag and boxes – is uniquely branded in Kakao.




(15) Kakao Calendar + Memo Kit

A simple yet practical gift.




(16) Kakao Cup

Voilà, there was a ceramic cup inside of this mysterious yellow box!




(17) Afterthoughts

(Pros) Implementing HR Brand strategy is hard, especially in an Asia-based companies that often lacks an in-depth knowledge in HRM. Considering Kakao as a Korean-born firm, it was truly mesmerizing to see how up-to-date, or even advanced of tactics that the company employ in terms of HR Branding.

(Cons) The only downside to the current execution of HR Brand is that it is lacking “wow” factors. Though the firm is doing excellent in getting the basics, there is no real key differentiation factor. From purely an outsider/guest view, there is nothing that sets the Kakao employment experience apart from that of other IT companies. This can hopefully be achieved as they may plan to move to a larger working space, like a campus-kind of building, as that of Google or Facebook.



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