WIKI #1 – Inside Scoop of Kakao




(5) Open Space

An open space – with cushiony sofas and chairs – is situated right in front of the concierge desk, giving an inviting ambiance overall. Do you see that huge Kakao character statue, in size of real human!?






(6) Unique HR Branding – using Kakao Characters

Undoubtably, Kakao office is an epitome of excellent HR Brand implementation. Details are noticeable everywhere in the office. Uniquely naming its individual meeting place and decorating the interior with its branded theme of colours, font, and characters, making me wonder, “am I in the Disney, no, Kakao World?”





(7) HR Brand Examples

See other HR Brand examples of the company’s interior design & signs. Even a small poster was in aligned with the overall Kakao brand appearance, providing its intended brand experience that is same for both internal customers, working, and external customers, visiting.





(8) Work Space Design – Total Rewards Branding

Various pictures of its work space. From corridors to small gathering place, the company is sending certain messages with the design. Notice most of the tables are round, and walls are rarely compartmentalized? Like other IT companies, the firm is focusing strongly on building team-work, collaboration, and open communication within its organization, which are clearly reflected of. 





(9) Culture Building Efforts – Internal Branding

“Kakao for Kakaoship” is an internal campaign that the company runs in order to promote a collaborative work environment. If anyone aids his/her co-workers, the employee who receives help is encouraged to thank the person publicly by using the tag and hanging up on the wall. Then the company rewards the helper by offering monetary perks.



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