Talent Relationship Management

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Talent Relationship Management at AUDI AG
Client Issue

By 2015 AUDI AG would like to be the most successful producer of premium automobiles and retail over 1.5 million vehicles – approximately 50 % more than today. For this purpose highly qualified employees are required, in particular engineers. In an environment where there is an increasing lack of specialists and even though AUDI is the most popular employer in this target group, the demand, resulting from the corporate strategy, cannot be fulfilled through classical recruiting approaches. Thus the company decided to establish a new personnel instrument with TRM to counteract existing and potential bottlenecks.


Method of Procedure

TRM targets active identification of interesting candidates and the building of relations through appropriate measures. Potential employees who are in contact with AUDI are already known to the company and in times of critical requirement can be persuaded to move to the company quickly. To set the pipeline up in a meaningful manner so that the measures can be directed with growth strategy in mind, AUDI has built upon the personnel plan and identified the target groups which are initially very important yet difficult to recruit. These target groups were then intensively analyzed in order to learn the preferences and criterion that could persuade them to change companies.

Furthermore behavior relating to communication of the target group was examined in order to select the correct communication channels. A specialized Talent Relationship Manager, who was positioned alongside the existing recruiters, searched for the appropriate candidates in social networks on the internet, in employees’ existing contact networks (former colleagues or fellow students), at trade shows as well as at congresses.

When the appropriate talents are identified, then the Relationship Manager approaches the candidate. The Relationship Manager then converses with the talents, presents AUDI as an employer and, if applicable, enters the candidates into the TRM program. Likewise TRM contains information about the talent identified by AUDI and is able to invite them to company events and establish contacts to experts within the company. Through such measures a certain closeness and mutual trust is formed.

If the candidate is ready to make the next step on the corporate ladder and if at that time Audi requires qualified new employees, the Relationship Manager can contact the Recruiting Department and in a short space of time and arrange for the candidate’s employment.


Implementation at Promerit AG

A new personnel instrument has been introduced through Talent Relationship Management. Therefore a combination of knowhow and competency fields was necessary at Promerit. The HR-Consulting, HR-IT and Talent Relation departments supported AUDI in the following sub projects:

  • Development of the Talent Relationship Management Approach
  • Analysis of the Corporate Strategy, specification of the Strategic Personell planning and definition of the restricted target groups
  • Definition of the rolls, processes and system requirements
  • Development of a software tool based on SAP E-Recruiting
  • Analysis of the target groups and identification of appropriate communication channels and development of reasoning guidelines
  • Development of suitable measures for the communication with and engagement of candidates from defined restricted target groups
  • Training and coaching of TRM Managers in the use of the TRM measures (sourcing and relationship management techniques)
  • Implementation of the format conjointly with partner agents.


Client Benefits

With the introduction of TRM AUDI has established a new personnel instrument that offers a competitive advantage whilst functioning independently of economic cycles. TRM allows AUDI to be:

  • more focused: AUDI can aim the process completely at the selected target group
  • faster: AUDI can approach interesting candidates more directly than other businesses that recruit in the traditional style
  • more efficient: AUDI can use the potential in the talent pools more resourcefully
  • more flexible: AUDI built a network that functions independently of economic cycles and when the requiremtent exists AUDI can recruit from a stable pipeline
  • more independent: TRM is as efficient as a personell advisor – but without the placement fee
  • more future orientated: Trough TRM AUDI can optimize their relationships with former interns, graduands and graduates, thereby securing future talents




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