Employer Branding — A Business Introduction by Richard Mosley


on my background is is actually marketing
so I would be seen as a good thing or a bad thing and
I think one of the issues in this area is that saddam.

there is a a lot of fighting sometimes in HR marketing
when I started in marketing I didn’t really think much about
HR me why I think about HR right you’re knocking because
I tended to do the classic product marketing not so great appetizing
but a product development you don’t have to worry about people right
but then I realized that many of the clients
service companies a service company s
you have to worry a bit more about the people so
0:49who’s heard the phrase internal marketing
0:53internal marketing is largely about
0:56as you say how you engage the organization
0:59to come to believe in the vision but also to believe in the brand’s
1:03and to understand your role as an employee in delivering that brands
1:08which is very important ticking service companies that people get
1:12what the brand’s about and how they’re really fronting up that brand for
1:18the issue with this of course is thats
1:21people within an organization also have a relationship to the brand and that’s
1:26really what we call the employer brand it’s their relationship to the brand
1:30that they work for
1:31which is somewhat different from the brand that they’re delivering
1:34to really what this whole conference is about is exploring this relationship the
1:39relationship between police and the brand that they work for
1:42and in turn the relationship between that brand new custom Brandon the court
1:47so I like us which day then I realized in and facts
1:51I was not talking to the right people or or Lisa was talking to the right people
1:55with marketing
1:56but not all of the right people because actually a lot of this sits with HR
2:01it is HR people who understands
2:04much more how people in your organization
2:07really experience the brand that they work for and are served incentive what
2:12they’re looking for
2:12so first thing and fairly basic
2:16you get this I’m sure many if you read the book many if you’ll be in companies
2:20that a good that really want to be great
2:22and I love this captures this very
2:25point about talent that it if you gonna take this journey the first thing you
2:29really need to get
2:30right is to get the right people on the bus you need to right talent in the
2:35in order to make that journey yeah you need the right
2:38operating systems and so on but essentially a lot of that often comes
2:42from having iraqi
2:43in the business now some companies like Apple
2:47this can be in a quite specific they’re looking for a very specific type
2:52person and you may know with Apple in the Apple stores any some of their
2:57people say bright they call ingenious and if you’ve had any interaction with
3:00the Apple guys will actually are pretty clever
3:03but they’ve got another definition which helps them
3:06they talk about natural communicators with a passion for technology
3:10roles doesn’t it’s quite nice innings kinda geeks that can speak
3:16and I shorthand version so essentially
3:19yet you yet they could have three bright people but they could have very natural
3:23communicators as well
3:24people who can converse with people who understand empathetic
3:27but the point is that every organization is typically
3:31looking for a certain type a talent and the first thing you need to
3:34really get right your employer brand thinking is new
3:38are you really looking for who are right kind of people
3:42for your organization and who do not need
3:45and often this is a qualification thing yet we need
3:48technology people but we need technology people who are communicators
3:53or yet we need marketeers but we need marty’s you break very business focused
3:57as well
3:58but whatever the definition it’s the starting point appointees
4:02but when she start doing this you’ll also
4:05recognize it these people have choices you know the good people
4:09you want don’t have to come and work for you
4:12they have lots of other choices even in the current environments
4:16most organizations are finding that the really talented people
4:20with the people with the absolutely the right characteristics
4:23them as a business are not necessary that easy to find
4:27and it’s just like consumer brands big organizations are getting quite
4:32at attracting attracting these people
4:36with the kind of messages that will really resonate with them
4:39said we take an organization like PNG
4:43and this is where we start getting into definitions so how do they think about
4:46their employer brand with the first thing
4:49uses good marketing thinking is that you need to recognize that with EU defined
4:54a propositional not for you defined what your employer Brown wants
4:58its is going to be you already have an employer Brandt
5:02to your employer brand is actually out there it’s not necessarily something
5:06that you
5:07own you can influence it but you doing
5:10necessary own it because it it really is a bundle up associations
5:15that current employees in perspective employees and people outside
5:19the organization have with your organization
5:23right and even with a company like PNG PNG get two million applications a year
5:28check within their client about us interesting that they still employing
5:32people to do employ brown when they get a million applications the year
5:36but they actually do recognize that in terms that the image
5:39of PNG there are some good things international successful
5:43cetera but there are also some less goods
5:46say quite large impersonal little bit square you may have heard the term
5:52product or aid we have any pro towards here by offended anybody
5:57I am but this is in a kind of a rather mechanistic approach to business
6:01quite successful perhaps but quite mechanistic
6:05and it doesn’t tend to attract the creative thinkers you know the
6:09but actually that’s this is just the kind of people that
6:12PNG need an increasingly does the kind to people
6:16but they’re looking for so they also need to make it very clear to people
6:20that actually that’s the kinda business they are so they employ a branded
6:24attracts a lot of people
6:25but basically what I’m saying we talking about here
6:28employer brand management employer brand marketing
6:32is where your defining what you want
6:35people to associate you with you is an employer
6:40two different things employer brand is out there
6:44the phrase an employer brand proposition or more frequently now
6:48employees value proposition is there to define
6:52what you want people to satiate with you and it’s not
6:56as with any brand a whole rena things
7:00it needs to be focused safer PNG this one peak
7:04overall idea which is a new challenge every day
7:09so they’re looking for for people who are up for a challenge to realize is a
7:13challenging environment but they
7:15looking for the people who thrive on challenges that’s the first and most
7:18important thing
7:20beneath that there are a number up other associations that they want
7:24and things that they are promising to deliver so igniting people’s potential
7:30and this is about actually giving people early responsibility not to stretch
7:35and really getting them thinking and really igniting the talent within
7:40thank putting people in touch is about
7:44leveraging the network within PG it to bring matrix the organization
7:49and your able to connect with lots of different experts different people
7:53and people find that very stimulating and the third one enabling you to
7:58is all about the development processes and programs and coaching
8:01really help people with the challenges that they have within the business
8:06so this is that definition of their this is that deal
8:09with employees under the overall umbrella new challenge every day
8:13this is what they want people to be talking about when they talk about PNG
8:17is an employer
8:18now course on they do have a corporate brand have lost custom prancer how do
8:23these things ng
8:24in to connect well the first thing to say is that
8:27your experiences working in a company for 40 50 60 hours a week
8:32is somewhat different from your experience as a consumer
8:37now you may be very devoted to sum up the brand’s that’s you
8:41consume but I doubt he spent 40 50 60 asked the week with them
8:47some people who have at max may be somewhat different
8:51arm but essentially we’re talking about this relationship which is very
8:56people operations relationship the employer brand
8:59and the company being very clear about how their translating the overall brand
9:04into the employment context so you’ll find with PNG
9:08that the appetizing links with the Chris site links with Facebook
9:11thanks to Ling teen with what they say on Chris sites
9:15what they see a career fairs hill joins up
9:19and his amplified in a very consistent way
9:22so that’s is one of the know the real benefits up getting some clarity around
9:26the EDP
9:27what you want people to satiate with you
9:31turning that into a creative campaign that their isn’t very consistently
9:35amplified across all of the channels that you have available tee
9:39there is another story however isn’t I’m talking here about the external pointed
9:43recruitment above courses in East Side Story and a lot of what we
9:47gonna be talking about today’s also the inside story
9:50not just employer branding but employer brand management
9:55which isn’t just policing the look and feel as it is sometimes with
9:59identity management it’s about actually managing the employment experience
10:05which is the brand experience and not just managing the communication
10:10so give another example mcdonald’s I and
10:14but don’t have another challenge globally
10:17in that in one of the major English dictionaries
10:20a merc job is described as a
10:24low esteem nation future
10:27the low page humdrum job
10:31in the lowest rungs at the service sector that doesn’t help them very much
10:37you’ve got a definition in the dictionary that that rolls out like that
10:41in fact how with the McDonalds baby because
10:44up this external image tried very hard
10:47not just on the communication side
10:53to get their point across but actually also to take it a step further into the
10:58experience so
10:59on for them EDP and it falls into three parts it’s quite simple
11:05flexibility future family and friends is something that they did lots of research
11:09the organization to find out about and these were the things
11:13that people most valued about working
11:16at McDonalds two examples here which I think Hateley
11:20you know show you kinda thing they doing
11:23one of which I’ll take the bottom one first which is simply
11:26investing a lot more in the Future Part
11:29so actually they’ve upped the ante a really thought about their development
11:34to make it really world-class and there are lots of things that they doing that
11:38a quite distinctive
11:39from that perspective second thing
11:42is what you might call rather more signature which is something that other
11:46people are doing
11:47they really aren’t doing so it’s not about how much they prioritizing
11:51which can get your own brand doing something different so that the friends
11:55and family contract
11:56refit two parts to the value proposition friends and family par
12:00and flexibility part and essentially jokes here
12:04so it’s a job she a contract with two people can have same contract
12:08you can have it your brother you can have it with your father other
12:11friends and it doesn’t matter which one of you turns up
12:15at McDonalds within the week
12:18as long as one of you is there and it’s very flexible
12:22and it’s quite different because it’s quite different
12:25people say well actually this is one of the things that makes mcdonald’s
12:29and actually it is one of the things that people talked about it a lot of HRP
12:33and got people to start thinking differently externally as well
12:37about what mcdonald’s is about not just in the job
12:41actually they doing some quite interesting things here which real
12:45benefit to the employees
12:47say finally just before I wrap up so what does this mean in practice
12:51K aces of rain I S but what’s it mean in terms of business
12:56alright so you typically organizations will look at a number of key measures
13:00to work out whether their employer branding and brand management is working
13:06on the left hand side obviously reputation externally
13:10can you see in the UK this is a 732
13:132010 that actually
13:16focusing a lot more on their employer brand in a very kinda
13:19distinctive way both experience as well as communication
13:23as hell don’t reputation great quite significantly
13:27away from that job and much more into the
13:30actually on the best employer great import work
13:34in the UK at McDonalds for Indy
13:37top 5 in the recent top who is serving 10 wanna
13:41price more recently and they’ve won many other plaudits
13:44the work that they’ve done on the other sites you know
13:47the hard numbers just implore image but things like the application vacancy rate
13:52back in 2007 the use to get a
13:567 applications in the UK all
13:59every position they now get 14
14:03and that’s partly economy but said she will see largely driven by reputation
14:08and of course it in Naples then it gives them a much better chance
14:11at getting exactly the right kind of people looking for the good
14:16you know the people who could teamwork the people who they feel that the
14:20and on the internal site engagement has been growing
14:25times pride into commitment and importantly turnovers been going down
14:30and obviously if you’re in a a service business we need to train people
14:34net cost money that’s a good thing and if you’re in a service business where
14:38it its good to have long-term relationships a long-term relationship
14:43she miss below that returning to the medics
14:46business as well this video was developed by the CRF Institute



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