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The world is now evolving more and more around the world of human equity. For instance, a jaded term, “personal brand” signals how branding became so essential in our everyday lives. Certainly to a large extent, branding dominates our every lives.

Thanks to its flexible and directly applicable nature, the term is widely synthesized in many areas of business. Product branding would well be the genesis of the very definition. However, just as how Service industry – notice the “intangible” quality – utilize its own unique practices, it can well be applied to that of others.Human Resource Branding is playing more of a bridging act to various marketing or branding implications and theories to that of Human.

As an undergraduate research student at Cornell, I co-authored an independent study paper with Professor Michael. C. Sturman, Cornell University. This is how I first initiated tapping into discovering the world of human brand equity. Without his endless support and guidance, all of this could not be possible. Thank you.

Imagine your “5-star” HR brand. Pampering your employees’ needs and wants – creating an unforgettable branded experience to seek their undying loyalty. Applying the knowledge gained from the world’s best hospitality management program, coupled with extensive marketing and HR training from McGill University and various projects in both for-profit and non-profit worlds, I am devoted to show and share with you what the world of human brand equity has to offer for your firm, and for your employment experience.



Founder, HRBranding.Org
Co-Founder, Bridge For World, Social Consultants (BFW) Society
Bachelor of Science in Management ’12, Cornell University
Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management & ’13, Mcgill University

inquires: yk376@cornell.edu
personal brand webpage: derrickkim.com


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