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Life at Google?

0:01 this is Google in Mountain View Calif 0:06 home in the most extreme of its perks in the country 0:15 we have everything even mad 0:17 who really takes care of us much healthier happier for it 0:22 then it all goes down at Google’s main headquarters AKA 0:26 the Googleplex one giant funhouse


WIKI #1 – KAKAO Afterthought

(13) Kakao Gift After the interview, I was given a bag full of Kakao gifts.       (14) Kakao Experience Everything – including the paper bag and boxes – is uniquely branded in Kakao.     (15) Kakao Calendar + Memo Kit A simple yet practical gift.     (16) Kakao Cup Voilà, there



    (10) HR Brand Differentiation Left: Translated, “Doorless Accounting Division” – promoting open communication amongst employees. Right: Fancy Bike racks – Instead of driving, Kakao’s employees are encouraged to bike office. As such, the firm portrays an image that considers the well-being of its stakeholders and as an environment-friendly or socially-responsible company.    


WIKI #1 – Inside Scoop of Kakao

  (5) Open Space An open space – with cushiony sofas and chairs – is situated right in front of the concierge desk, giving an inviting ambiance overall. Do you see that huge Kakao character statue, in size of real human!?         (6) Unique HR Branding – using Kakao Characters Undoubtably, Kakao



(1) Arrival at the Kakao Building Kakao, famous for its messaging app, KakaoTalk, is a leading IT company in South Korea. They have two offices, one in Seoul and another in Seongnam (Pangyeo). We have visited the recently built, Pangyeo office.      (2) Main Office Entrance Like any other IT company, for Kakao, security

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