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티몬의 “멍~때리기?” 기업문화?

  “멍때리기 대회, 창의력과 기억력 키우는데 좋다고?”   제 1회 티모니언 멍때리기 대회가 자사 기업문화팀의 기획아래  6월 10일에 진행 됬다. 주최측에 의하면 멍때리기는 “창의력과 기억력을 키우는데 좋다” 밝히며, 티몬만의 사내문화로 정착할 예정이라 한다. 동 이벤트 참가자 중 한명은 “앞으로도 이런 좋은 대 회 2회, 3회씩 해서 티몬의 전통이 되었으면 좋겠다”고 말했다.     [관련 이벤트


인생은 마라톤이 아니야.

      아니야. 인생은 마라톤 아니야. 누가 정한 결승점이야? 자기만의 길이 있어. 그래, 발을 내딛는거야. 실패해도 좋아. 길은 하나가 아니야. 그건 인간의 수만큼 있는거야. 누가 인생을 마라톤이라고 했나?   모든 인생은 휼륭하다.    <영상>      



(1) Arrival at the Kakao Building Kakao, famous for its messaging app, KakaoTalk, is a leading IT company in South Korea. They have two offices, one in Seoul and another in Seongnam (Pangyeo). We have visited the recently built, Pangyeo office.      (2) Main Office Entrance Like any other IT company, for Kakao, security


Purple Cow in HR Branding #2

The “NEW” Sidebar: 10 Ways to Raise a PURPLE COWED, Employer Branding Making and marketing something remarkable means asking new questions — and trying new practices. Here are 10 suggestions from Fast Company’s excerpts, “In Praise of the Purple Cow.” (http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/67/purplecow.html?page=0%2C4) Let us replace the word “customers” from that of original, to “employees” for making our


Shilla Hotel’s Lack of Internal Branding

  Claimed to be the nations’ most rewarded 5-star hotel, Shilla was praised for its exquisite mix of modern contemporary flare with traditional elegance, representing the best of Korea. However, the fame did not serve to its operational efforts. After the incident, some even demanded that the hotel should change its name, Shilla (a historic name of one of the

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Purple Cow in HR Branding

  Seth Godin states in his book, PURPLE COW, that it is all about transforming [the] business by being remarkable. Fast Company’s “In Praise of the Purple Cow” suggested that adding this ultimate P into the dogmatic marketing principle of the 5 Ps  http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/67/purplecow.html           The “NEW” Sidebar: 10 ways to raise a


China’s Top Employers 2010 Award Ceremony – CRF Institute

China’s Top Employers 2010 Award Ceremony from the CRF Institute on Vimeo. “The China’s Top Employers TM Award Event was held in Shanghai on December 17th 2009. This grand event consisted of the Award Ceremony, a summit forum with the CEO’s and HRD’s of the certified organisations facilitated by our partner Hay Group, and the

Talent Relationship Management

Audi Talent Relationship Management from SMACK Communications on Vimeo.   Talent Relationship Management at AUDI AG Client Issue By 2015 AUDI AG would like to be the most successful producer of premium automobiles and retail over 1.5 million vehicles – approximately 50 % more than today. For this purpose highly qualified employees are required, in particular engineers.

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